WINDYNATION Complete Solar 100 Watt Panel Kit + Charge Controller Review

WINDYNATION Complete Solar 100 Watt Panel Kit + Charge Controller ReviewThe WINDYNATION Complete Solar 100 Watt Panel Kit is the one of the best solar panels that offers services exactly as mentioned. I already purchased a solar panel three months back from Amazon. It was from the brand called Renogy. That was my first purchase. Since I was a newbie and did not know much about the solar panels, I thought of buying a panel which is less than $100. Now, obviously if the price is low then the Watts offered is also low. The one which I bought was 50 Watts. My experience with the previous solar panel was simply amazing. I learnt a lot about the technicalities and other factors that induced me to buy something better this time.

Why Amazon is preferred the most?

In one word it is “trust” that has always attracted mammoth audience to buy products from this online shopping site. No matter what your budget is Amazon has smartly segregated the products according to the ratings, price and brands.

I recently went to a retail store (quite far from my home) to ask the price of a complete solar panel kit. Although they were giving the same warranty as Amazon, the price charged was something way beyond as compared to Amazon. What if I say that I saved $50 on this product? Yes, Amazon offers the right product that fits your budget.

My experience with 100 Watt solar panel kit

  • At such a reasonable price I got a complete kit! I mean this is what attracted me the most. I would recommend everyone to buy a kit rather than purchasing things individually. It would cost more. The last solar panel which I bought was for $100. By spending few more dollars you will get a complete kit.
  • The kit offers 300 Watt per hour as mentioned. A television usually runs on 300 Watt current. You may use this solar panel to watch your favorite movies.
  • The provision of charge controller is like a cherry on the cake. A charge controller actually prevents your batteries from over charging. Its main task is to regulate and maintain the flow of current coming from the solar panels.
  • It is a polycrystalline solar panel. It ensures 95% efficiency even after 10 years of usage! Basically, it is a onetime payment that will give you a return for the next 25 years.
  • After installing Windynation’s solar panel kit, I could see the electricity bill coming under my control. I calculated my 12 month electricity bill and compared the price of the solar panels. What I found was that the solar panels were priced much lower. If you don’t believe me, you may ask any person who has installed solar panels.
  • This solar panel can withstand any weather. Be it a thunderstorm or snowfall, you can relax. The panels will still work. I am saying this because there was one time when heavy rainfall and thunderstorm created havoc. I was definitely worried about everything. Thankfully, the panels were intact and worked at its best.

Information about solar panels and batteries

You need to plan things before you purchase a solar panel. For example you want to run a 90 Watt laptop for 3 hours day. So, 90 W * 3 = 270 Watts. If you have a 100 Watt solar panel that pumps 100 Watts an hour on a bright sunny day, you will be able to use your laptop then.

Figure out these things and only then decide which solar panel will suit your daily needs. I think that this panel is good enough for any house.


I definitely recommend everyone to opt for a greener technology and see a change around them. Sun is a free resource and I believe that it is a great opportunity given to us to extract the most out of it. Let’s free the nature from air pollution and offer something better and cleaner.

Thanks to Amazon for providing this superb product at a great price. The solar panels work efficiently and I have been advising all my neighbors and relatives to buy solar panels. They definitely have a positive reaction in this matter and are looking forward to buy the solar panels.

Amazon rocks!

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