The Best 100w Solar Panels 2016

The best way to save energy and go green is to use solar energy. It is free, renewable and very much reliable. Most people prefer to use solar for lighting, heating water and charging batteries for back up purposes. Boats and cabins need solar panels to provide power for lighting powering basic appliances. In offices solar panels can be used to run funs and air conditioners for aeration purposes. Basic lighting is also possible for commercial buildings with a couple of solar panels. During winters, water from solar heaters may be circulated in pipe to warm houses.
The best way to make maximum use of solar panels is to use monocrystalline 100W solar panels in series. These can provide enough energy to power 100% of all household power requirements. Monocrystalline solar panels though much cheaper have a lower solar efficiency. They are also used especially in regions of high solar intensity as they are reliable and efficient. While buying solar panels getting the best should be a priority because there are hundreds of manufactures out there with underperforming solar panels.
Factors to consider while buying solar panels
• Solar conversion efficiency: This determines how much solar is converted in to electricity.
• Durability: Solar panels with a long warranty tend to be more durable.
• Ideal power output: this determines the solar power supply available from your solar panel in a single day.
• Workmanship and material warranty: since solar panels are technical in terms of installation, you need a solar panel that has a workmanship and material warranty.
• Cost: Highly priced solar panels are not always the best. Fairly priced solar panels will save you money for other expenses such as batteries and initial installation cost.
The best 100w solar panels in 2015 as voted by users all over the world are:
1. Renogy 100w 12v photovoltaic PV solar panel
• It’s very ideal household use and caravan boats as well
• It can withstand a maximum of 5400pa snow pounding pressure
• It is bound with an aluminum frame making it durable and very light
• Due to its polycrystalline nature it has very high conversion efficiency with an ideal output of about 500 watt hours per day depending on the availability of the sun.
• It comes with a 5 year material and labor warranty and a 25 year power output warranty that is transferable.

2. Renogy 100watt 12v battery charging solar panel
• This PV solar panel comes with a junction box with preinstalled diodes and a pair cables 28 inches long with MC4 connectors ready for installation
• Its most ideal purpose is to charge batteries and for grid tied application when a couple of them are used in series.
• it has a high module conversion efficiency of up to 500 watt hours per day
• It comes with an aluminum frame that is corrosion resistance making it very durable
• I can withstand up to 2400 Pa of strong winds and 5400pa of pounding snow and hailstones
• Its life is guaranteed with a 25 year power output warranty that is transferrable and a 5 year material and workmanship warranty. >> Read review  here

3. Windy nation 100w UL1730 solar panel
• This is most ideal for household use, RVs, cabins and boats.
• It is a perfect power backup and remote power supply
• It comes as a complete kit with MC4 connectors. Charge controllers and a 40 feet 0f 12AWG solar cable
• it can withstand winds of up to 2400Pa and snow pressure of up to 5400Pa
Read more

4. Renogy 100w 12v monocrystalline solar panel
• This comes with a pair 20inch solar cable with MC4 connectors, a 30APWM charge controller, and a set of Z bracket for mounting.
• They have a very high module conversion efficiency of up to 15.46%. This guarantees
• 500watt hours of ideal output in a normal sunny day.
• They are ideal for battery charging and are known for their consistent power supply of power.
• They are very durable and come with a 25 year guarantee of service life.
• They also have a 25 year transferable power output warranty and 5 years guarantee of material and workmanship.
• All its other components including the charge controller comes with a 1 year warranty.
These are the best solar panels in 2015 as voted by people all over the world. Reviews have shown they are easy to install and have a very long life. They are also light and do not add unnecessary weight to the roof. Since they are produced by companies with a long history in the solar field, they are products of great research. A reviewer even pointed out that their warranty services are awesome. Click for more infomations

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