Solar Panel Bundle 100W Monocrystalline 30A Charge Controller Review

Solar Panel Bundle 100W Monocrystalline 30A Charge Controller ReviewThe Solar Panel Bundle 100W Monocrystalline has offered the best return ever. It has just been three months and I could see that the amount in the electricity bill going way below than expected. This is not the first solar panel I have purchased from my favorite shopping site. I was so impressed with the last solar panel I got from Amazon that it attracted me like a magnet to go to a higher level this time.

Eight months back I got a 20 Watt solar panel priced below $90 for my gate opener. I mean I wanted to give it a start like a newbie and thought of limiting my budget at the first instance. No doubt that it worked in the best possible way it could. With the help of the sunlight the gate opener would open several times a day and we were amazed by the performance. So, this time I wanted my home to get a dose of solar and I thought of buying a 100 Watt solar panel.

Fast delivery and excellent packaging

Amazon has always been warm in welcoming its customers. As promised, I got the delivery of the solar panel in three days and I was all set to install the panel on my roof top. The packaging was done in a manner that even a fragile item won’t get any scratch.

I already had some experience of installing my previous solar panel. I had to call an expert at that time as I was a newbie. This time with the help of my siblings I could easily install the panel in the correct way. Although it was a time consuming process, we were successful in installing it. The manual has everything written in a lucid way.

The features I discovered

At this price you are getting a complete kit. I don’t think that there is any better offer than this! If you try to buy things separately, you will always have to pay a higher price. You may try it yourself and see the difference. So, price was the first factor for me.

  • Now this is a sturdy solar panel. When you touch the panel you will feel the weight and the sturdiness it offers. It is an important feature because weather conditions can change anytime. It should withstand strong wind or heavy snow.
  • I can easily run the LED lights and fans in my home. You may even run your computer or laptop knowing the Watt requirements. You can always check the electricity bill or the appliances to know the amount of electricity they consume. This is what I did before buying this solar panel.
  • Let’s not forget the efficiency rate. Even after 10 years of usage, it will offer 90% efficiency! This is simply amazing.
  • The kit comes with a charge controller. It is a very useful product as it deters the battery from getting overcharged. It is always recommended to have a charge controller.
  • It is a great off-grid solar panel. You can take it anywhere you want to. Just dump it in your car and you are ready for any adventurous trip!

Do not expect the AC to work with just one panel

People often forget that it is the solar panels they are using and not direct electricity. Air conditioners require a lot of voltage. You would basically require a bunch of solar panels along with charge controllers to get the AC working. Yes, you need to spend a lot for this. It is best to talk with the solar professionals and take the decisions accordingly.

My suggestion

If your home basks under the sun, simply grab this solar panel at once. Take an oath to go green this time and help the nature breathe fresh air. Don’t let fuel create havoc in our life.

These solar panels have created a difference in my electricity bill and I hope that it will offer you the same! I recommend everyone to buy this product and take the maximum benefit from the sun.

It is important to remember that sun will always welcome us every morning, but fuel may exhaust anytime in the future!

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