RENOGY Monocrystalline 50 Watts Solar Panel UL Listed Off Grid 12 Volt RV Boat- Works good

RENOGY Monocrystalline 50 Watts Solar Panel UL Listed Off Grid 12 Volt RV BoatThe RENOGY Monocrystalline 50W Watts Solar Panel has offered the right service as advertised. This is the second time I am buying a solar panel from Amazon. The sale price grabbed my attention and I thought of buying one more solar panel for my home. The last model that I purchased was from the Aleko brand. It was definitely a good buy and this is the reason I bought another model. I thought of purchasing a different brand this time as Renogy is quite famous. I just wanted to differentiate between the two panels, though both are 50 Watts. There was hardly any difference between the two.

My second buy was basically to increase the number of Watts. I can run the lights and fans for several hours a day without thinking about the power outages. Also, a perfect sunny day will offer best output. Well, on a cloudy day the batteries might not get charged as expected and the charging may slow down.

I have purchased a tracking device in order to get the maximum sunlight for the solar panels. Well, this is completely optional. You may or may not buy the tracking device.

A good buy

I am satisfied with the buy. The features that were explained here exactly matched with the product. Amazon has always been a great online shopping site. I always have the fear of getting duped from other shopping sites, but never had this feeling for Amazon. It believes in keeping its promise.

So, the price of the product attracted me the most, plus it was on sale! The delivery was quick and I received the item within two days. I did not even wait for a second to unpack the item. The panel was sturdy and came with a manual. The manual helped me to install the product at a go and I could see two beautiful solar panels basking under the sun!

Some of the best features

  • This solar panel has got everything to power your lights and fans. I tried it for myself and it worked great. It feels great to see something operating with the help of the sun. At the same time I get the notion that I no longer have to pay the whopping electricity bills!
  • The panel is light weight. It has an easy portability and can be taken to anywhere. Whether you are out for a jaunt or going for camping, this solar panel will be your helping hand. You don’t have to rely on electricity when you have this awesome solar panel by your side.
  • I would suggest you to buy a charge controller to avoid the batteries from getting overcharged. I will not say that this is optional; rather it is a must. You don’t want the batteries to get over charged right?

Output during summer and winter

A 50 Watt solar panel will offer 50 Watts on a bright sunny day. This is basically during the noon and most manufacturers call it the “peak power”. There are times when the day is cloudy and the weather seems to play the hide and seek game. At this point of time, the batteries will definitely get charged but at the same pace as it would on a sunny day.

During the winters, the situation will be a little tricky. If you are getting 300 Watt-hours energy during the summers, you may get only 50-100 Watt-hours during winters. If it is a 12 Volt battery, it corresponds to 4.2 Amp-hours. Still I feel that it is a win-win situation. You can still run the lights in the winters. Fans are not required at that time and you can save the bill on the lights.


I strongly recommend this product to everyone. Several people are adopting the technique of using alternative energies and saying adieu to fuel. You are indirectly saving the fuel and should proud of doing so. Fuel has already destroyed the earth to a certain extent and we no longer want this to happen.

I bet you that you will fall in love the solar panel when you would see the amount in your electricity bill getting subtracted.

Thanks a lot Amazon!

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