RENOGY 50 Watt Poly Solar Panel UL Listed Off Grid 12 Volt Review

RENOGY 50 Watt Poly Solar Panel UL Listed Off Grid 12 Volt ReviewSolar panels have surged the market and has become one of the top priorities for households. Not to forget the reduction in price of the solar panels has increased the demand among many enthusiasts (and I am one of them!). I have always read in the articles about solar panels and the way it operates. It was quite intriguing to see how technology has advanced and given way to such great alternatives. I definitely had an interest to know more about the solar panels and install one at home to have a real time experience.

Affordable price with greater return!

Solar panels have been in news for quite a long time. It was priced high at the initial stages. I thought that it is not my cup of tea to spend such humongous amount. However, as the demand and popularity increased, these panels have become reasonable enough for anyone to purchase it. A 12 V panel priced below $100 is the first factor that attracted me to grab the product. This is not all. Renogy being a famous brand helped me to build a trust and buy the product.

Amazon often confuses me with so many products! I just couldn’t decide what to buy, but then I had to choose one that had the right features and the right price. The delivery was on time and the packaging was impressive. It showed that Amazon cares about the product it sells.

What can you do with a 50 Watt solar panel?

If you don’t have any experience with home solar modules, it is best to choose the 50 Watt solar panel (and this is what I did). You really don’t want a larger installation at this time. The purpose is to experiment first and see how it works.

  • I charged a 12 V battery and used this stored power whenever needed. Basically you can light bulbs and tube lights when needed. Especially during a cloudy weather when you require lights 24*7, you may take the help of the solar panel to light your house!
  • Now I need to charge my laptop and mobile almost every single day. I have always taken the help of solar panels to charge my laptop and mobile. It is better not to waste the fuel and opt for something greener, right?
  • The 25 years of warranty is enough to induce you to buy the product. I mean no other appliance can offer warranty of such a long period! Again, there is no maintenance cost. If possible you can just clean up the dust on the panels. Other than this, you have to do nothing.
  • Easy mobility is yet another feature of this solar panel. Whether you are out for camping or on a beach tour, you can always carry solar panel with you. Yes, it is light in weight.

Don’t be in a wrong conception

There are people who think that a solar panel fulfills all the household needs. These are unrealistic expectations and should be wiped off immediately. You can’t a 50 Watt solar panel to run the air conditioners or anything that requires a lot of power. A television needs a minimum of 300 Watts AC current to operate.

In order to run these appliances, you need to set your budget higher and opt for solar panels that offer more power. I typically got this Renogy model as I am a beginner and have little idea about it. Now that I have gained a lot of knowledge, I will buy more solar panels for my home. At least the electricity bill will bid me farewell!


I have no grievances regarding this solar panel and I am glad that I have bought this model. There is no problem with installation. You may call an expert if you encounter any issue while you install.

I would advise everyone to grab the solar panel at once as I feel that this is the most effective and an efficient product I have ever come across. Sun is abundant in nature and only the smart people will utilize it in the best way possible. Sun will never forget to visit you, but fuel will!

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