Renogy 100W Solar Panel Mono Starter Kit Review

Renogy 100W Mono Starter Kit: 100W Solar Panel+20′ Solar Cable+30A PWM Charge Controller+Z Bracket Mounts- Outstanding performance! It’s a must buy

Renogy 100W Mono Starter Kit: 100W Solar Panel+20' Solar Cable+30A PWM Charge Controller+Z Bracket MountsThe Renogy 100W Mono Starter Kit is like a complete package for me. You really don’t have to buy anything else once you have this product. I was always fascinated by the term “solar panels”. Recently it has attracted a pool of people and has become a thriving business. The initiative taken to make the future solar is definitely credible. This is because fuel would exhaust soon and we will be left with wind, water and sun as an alternative energy. I thought of taking a step to a greener environment and make my home different from others.

When people visit my home and see these panels, they often inundate me with too many questions. It is like “hey what this”, “yes, I read an article about solar panels, does it really work”, “I was thinking of purchasing a solar panel but the price is too high” and lastly, “tell me the mechanism of light getting converted to electricity”. I feel great when my friends and neighbors understand the importance of solar and the way it can change people’s life.

Amazon is meticulous in its service

There were other shopping sites too that were offering the solar panels at the best price. However, it is not possible to rely on them. Secondly, the variety that Amazon offers can never be fulfilled by any other online shopping sites. The ease of fast delivery options and secured payment method has induced me to buy things from here.

I received the Renogy solar panel within three days. The packaging was done in a beautiful way. I basically had no tension regarding the solar panel. I knew that Amazon will provide things that are exactly mentioned as advertised.

What I discovered?

So, this was the first time I purchased a solar panel. Although I know what it does, I had no idea about the technicalities. The manual was helpful, but I did not want to take any risk. I called the experts to fix the solar panel on my terrace. They definitely have a clear idea on how to place the solar panels to get the maximum light.

  • What I discovered was that I could run my television for a minimum of 3 hours with this 100 Watt solar panel. The calculation is somewhat like this- 300 Watt (television) * 3 hours = 900 Watt. So, If I charge the battery for at least 9 hours (thinking that the sun is bright enough), I can watch the television with the help of solar panels. There are televisions that work below 300 Watts. Just see the details.
  • This solar panel is ideal for charging laptops and mobiles. This is not all. I have tried to run the fans and the LED lights of my home with the solar panel and guess what! It works better than the usual electricity. The expert who helped me in the installation procedure gave me complete information about solar panels. I would suggest all the greenhorns to hire an expert during the first installation.

The price

Okay, many of you might think that the price is a bit high. Well, this is not what I think. A normal 100 Watt solar panel would cost you $100 to $120 I suppose. However, this product comes with a complete kit. The kit includes all the necessary equipment required to install the panels. Had you not bought the kit, you would have ended up buying the additional items at a very higher cost. The purpose is to offer you everything at the most affordable price.

I found this offer to be lucrative enough to grab it at once. It has played a very important role to reduce my electricity bill.

Final verdict

I don’t think any other product will offer a warranty of 25 years plus the efficiency rate drops to 95% after 10 years of usage! This is simply amazing.

Of course, I would recommend this solar panel kit to every individual. It is not only for the betterment of the environment, but also keeps you away from the frequent power outages. The solar panel can withstand any type of weather as well.

Grab it just like I did. Thanks Amazon!

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