Instapark NEW All Black 30W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel With a 12V solar charge controller- Works great!

Instapark NEW All Black 30W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel With a 12V solar charge controllerThe Instapark NEW All Black 30W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel has basically got everything to power most of the electrical equipment in my home. Solar panels have definitely gained huge importance in the market. With pollution taking its toll and price of the fuel surging high, it is time to pause and introduce something that doesn’t disturbs the Mother Nature. The invention of solar panels has given an opportunity to revise things in a better way. Today, many countries are completely dependent on solar panels to ensure the right supply of electricity.

It is a onetime investment

This is not any expenditure because the solar panels offer you a return. This is the reason that I call it a onetime investment. You install it and it is ready to serve for more than 25 years! A diesel generator will not give you a warranty of more than 3 years right? Why waste money on something that won’t give you the right output?

It has been two months that I have used the solar panels and I can only say that it has worked beyond my expectations. When neighbors and relatives visit my house, they get the motivation of installing the same at their house! Guess what! One of my neighbors ordered the same solar panel from Amazon! This was pretty impressive.

The pros of using the solar panel

I can only say that the solar panels have so many positive features that it shadows anything negative about it. A solar panel has all the power to deter you from using the electricity. Of course, you would need quite a few of them but it’s worth it.

  • Okay the first thing is the price that gave me the confidence to buy the product. Price was one of the factors that helped me to determine the best solar panel to buy. I searched for products which are less than $100.
  • Let’s talk about the quality of the solar panels. It is mono-crystalline in nature that confirms its durability and efficiency for up to 25 years. I discovered that amorphous thin film requires a lot of mounting space and takes more time to install as compared to mono-crystalline panels. Again, a thin film will always offer lower level of energy per panel. Mono-crystalline panels offer higher levels of energy per panel.
  • If you have any 12V batteries that need to be charged, this solar panel is exactly what you need. Till date I have charged most of the electrical equipment and also asked my neighbor to charge her marine boat. She was literally shocked by the performance of the solar panels.
  • I have seen a change in my electricity bill. I was eagerly waiting for the electricity bill to arrive and what I discovered was something that everyone would desire! Yes, I no longer have to shower dollars on the electricity bill.
  • After installing the solar panels, I realized that everyone should take a step forward for a greener environment. Take the help of the sun and utilize it in the best way possible!

Any cons?

As I have already mentioned that even if there is any con it gets hidden because of its efficiency. Who would like to depend on the electrical grid when you have the option of using a greener alternative?

The only con about this product is the length of the cable. Yes, the length is a little short. Nevertheless, this matter can be overlooked.


I definitely recommend every single person to grab this solar panel. I am not saying this just because I purchased it; it is for a simple reason that you are getting a better technology. Plus, every house can install the solar panels and see a change in their electricity bills. You no longer have to worry about power outages.

Why not try buying one solar panel and experiment with it? I am sure you will end up buying few more just like I did.

Amazon has been a great help for shipping these products at my door step. I can only trust this shopping site for shopping anything that I desire.

My house feels great on a sunny day! Thanks Amazon.

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