ALEKO LM109 20W 20-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel 12V- best panel at such a low price!

ALEKO® LM109 20W 20-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel 12VThe ALEKO LM109 20W 20-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel 12V has offered me the best service possible. Did you take a look at the price? By spending just a few dollars I am getting a warranty of 20 years and plus! I am basically a newbie in this field and thought of trying the new technology. My parents were quite reluctant about buying it because they never thought that solar panels can make the electricity bills go down.

Something for the betterment of our environment

I knew that my parents won’t allow me to buy the solar panels that had a price tag above $80. They simply thought that it is a waste of money, but I wanted to prove them wrong. So, Amazon (being my first priority) introduced a whole range of products within my budget. I was happy to see so many solar panels, but I had to research a lot before choosing the right one. I just couldn’t decide which one to buy and finally after an hour long research I landed on the Aleko brand. I found this to be the perfect match. Since I am a newbie and have little idea about solar panels, this particular model was easy to use and install.

I ordered this product and it reached my home in three days. The procedure was quite fast and this is what I like about Amazon. The packaging was also impressive with all the details written about the product.

Things you can charge with a 20 Watt solar panel

It is actually a great camping solar panel. If you are out for an adventurous trip, you can always take this panel to keep the lights and other electrical equipment running. Although I have never tried to take this for camping purpose, I have definitely used it at my home. Most of the electrical equipment like the lights and the charger worked really well.

If I switch on the lights around 6 pm, it will go until 5 or 6 in the morning! It is best to place the panel in such a direction where you get the maximum sunlight. Remember that if the solar panel is placed in a shadowed area, it will take more time to get charged.

My parents actually applauded for my effort to make the home eco-friendly. They now want the home to be completely converted into an eco-friendly look by installing as many solar panels as we can. I am soon going to order around 5 more solar panels from Amazon (pretty excited!)

Features of the Aleko solar panel

  • The first thing that I would like to throw light on is the quality of the product. It is a polycrystalline solar panel which assures that it has a superb durability and efficiency. It is best to avoid the thin film solar panels as it occupies a lot of space and does not guarantee the right efficiency and durability.
  • Secondly, the solar panel weighs just 5 pounds! You can carry it anywhere you want. As I said you can carry it if you are out for camping. It is handy and becomes your helping hand when you are in need of electricity!
  • Although the manual specified everything, I thought of calling a professional for the installation. It actually helped me to understand more about the solar panels and the techniques to install it. I recommend everyone to call a professional if you are new to solar panels. This will give you are brief idea about the ways to install it.
  • It promises to lower your electricity bill and induces you to take a permanent break from fossil fuels! Yes, it really does! At least I felt the need of buying few more solar panels to eradicate the huge bills.

Final verdict

I suggest everyone to buy this solar panel. When the world is screeching to go greener and cleaner, why not take a simple step and show them that you are a part of a greener environment? It really feels great when you see things working with the power of the sun.

It is a new technology and whosoever is using it, is simply falling in love with it.

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