ALEKO 12Volt 20 Watt Solar Panel Review

ALEKO® 12-Volt 20 Watt Solar PanelThe ALEKO 12-Volt 20 Watt Solar Panel has been my best buy on Amazon. Solar panels have created a unique place in our lives. Today so many people are initiating alternative energy techniques to save the fuel for the future generation. Be it the wind power, hydro power or the solar power, each has its own importance and are being utilized by quite a number of countries. I have personally seen people in small towns installing solar panels. They hardly get electricity in their region. So, they came up with the idea of installing at least one solar panel on their roof top. The results were obvious. They no longer complain about electricity. What I learnt is that if they can pay so much importance to solar, why can’t we?

My first buy

It is a fact that fuel will exhaust soon and people will be forced to opt the alternative techniques. The usage of fuel has disturbed the environment. So, I thought of buying a solar panel that suited my budget and at the same time help me achieve something better. When I started searching for the solar panels on Amazon, I was amazed by the variety it stocked. Since I wanted to experiment the solar panel, I had set my budget low. This particular solar panel model was exactly what I needed for my gate opener. A gate opener running with the help of electricity will definitely cost more.

I ordered the Aleko solar panel and it reached my address in two days. The delivery was quick. I quickly unpacked to get the first look of solar panel. I loved it! It is a small solar panel and is light in weight.

The easy installation procedure

If you do a little bit of research over the net and read the manual carefully, you can easily install this super cool product. If you still feel that it is risky for you to install it, you may call the professionals. This is rather a good idea as you would get a clear concept.

  • The solar panels use the light of the sun to charge the battery inside the control box. The battery once charged can work several times a day to open the gates.
  • Now, it is important to choose the right size of solar panel. It should basically match with your gate opener. The more frequently the gate is opened and closed, the more power is required to keep it running throughout the day. This is what I researched before buying the solar panel and it actually helped.
  • A 10 Watt solar panel will offer average cycles of 10-20 per day. On the other hand, 18 Watt solar panel will provide average cycles of 20-60 per day. This Aleko solar panel model offers 20 Watt. I believe this is a perfect to operate the gate opener throughout the day!
  • The solar panel can be installed anywhere possible. There is no exact location for installation till the time you are getting the sun light!

The price

For me brand name is a must as it builds a trust. Aleko is a trusted brand and the price charged for this solar panel model is budget friendly. My gate opener no longer uses the electricity (it has fallen in love with the sun!). It feels great to see the electricity bill going down.

By spending just a few dollars, I got a relief from the monthly electricity bill. Don’t you think that it is a win-win situation? I mean there is no risk involved and you will get the return for several years!

If you are new to the solar world, I suggest you to get any solar panel of 20 Watt with 12V battery that costs below $100. I am sure you would be encouraged to buy more!

Final verdict

I strongly recommend this product to everyone. I can assure you that you will never bear any loss from this product; rather you will be happy to see that no electricity is being used.

You may use the solar panel for the fans too. Just see requirement of your fan and you may install it accordingly.

Thanks Amazon for offering the amazing solar panel!

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