Most commonly preferred means of energy are electricity power, gas and oil energy along with dams of water to generate electricity; usually these means of energy production are not only relatively costly but also causing an increase in environmental pollution like Noise pollution, Air pollution and Water pollution.

With the advancement of technology, energy generating systems and mechanisms are also changed and scientists are considering less polluting, economical, and more reliable sources just like solar energy. Devices used to generate usable electric form of energy from solar energy are called as solar panels and this phenomenal process is called as Photovoltaic. These solar panels are in huge demand as they have been used to run water turbines, weather satellites, household electric appliances, industrial equipment and much more. No doubt, solar panels are just like storage house of solar energy, and amount of energy stored is directly proportional to the size of panels. Mostly these 12V solar panels are being used in boats, motorhomes and caravans to fulfill energy requirements.

Top 3 12v solar panels reviews 2015

1. Instapark® NEW All Black 30W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel With a 12V solar charge controller

30w -12v Solar Panel charge controllerThis solar device is perfect match for all-terrain vehicle, recreational vehicles, small marine boats and different electrical appliances. No need to bear noise and smell of diesel coming from generators when you are out of supply of electricity or it is unreachable at specific places like marine boats, or RVs etc. just buy this solar panel and invest only one time and enjoy for whole life with less maintenance requiring and reliable equipment. It is being supplied with a charging controller to prevent over charging of 12V batteries.

It is remarkable as it can store 30W energy in its compact and silent structure of mono-crystalline material which is very efficient in storage perspective. The structure of this solar model is very durable as mono-crystalline material is being incorporated in vinyl acetate which is transparent and it is further supported by shock resistant tampered glass sheet.

2. RENOGY 100 Watt Mono-crystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Module 12V Battery Charging

best 100 Watt 12v Solar Panel Module Battery ChargingRenogy brand has introduced a unique device converting solar energy to electrical energy with its long lasting durability and high energy conversion efficiency. You can rely on this product whether you are in camp or in boat, in desert or sea as it can withstand in 2400 Pa air pressure and 5400 Pa load of snow. Its efficiency is weather resistant means it can work with full performance either it is placed in windy area or snow falling zone. Furthermore, its durability is being enhanced by backing aluminum frame.

This model is unmatchable with its guaranteed and positive range (0-3%) of output tolerance and its high storage capacity of 100W. That’s why it is seen as most reputed product of Renogy Brand. In addition, this solar device is an optimal choice for off-grid appliances and it has very slim and sleek size with enormous energy storage capability.

3. Ramsond 100 Watt 100w Mono-crystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Module 12V Battery Charging

Ramsond - Top 100 Watt Solar Panel Module 12V Battery ChargingRamsond Brand is well known for the optimal quality and purity of materials used for construction of solar devices. Similarly, for this model, they have used highly purified Grade A silicone cells as their aim is to provide new, advanced and purified materials in formation of their devices and they never use second hand materials. Furthermore, their plant facilities to produce these panels are very important and they use microprocessor and robotic arms forwarded soldering method having fully automation schemes.

These solar cells have anti-reflection quality due the outer coating of blue nitride and this special material enhances their energy absorption efficiency in different weathers. These solar devices are also very durable due the presence of backing made of low iron containing tempered glass material in patterned way. You should know that the solar cells made by this brand are known as strongest and durable devices due to survival index of 25mm@80 km/h in hail impact conditions and tolerance to size of 1 plus inch of hail.

Instapark2 Reviews
  • Instapark

  • Color
    Mainly black plus white boundary some where
  • Size/ Weight
    21.5 x 1.1 x 17.2 inches /7.2 pounds
  • Storage Capacity
    30 Watts
  • Open Circuit Voltage
  • Maximum power voltage
  • Material Used
Renogy Reviews
  • Renogy

  • Color
    Silver grey plus black
  • Size/ Weight
    47 x 1.4 x 21.3 inches/16.5 pounds
  • Storage Capacity
    100 Watts
  • Open Circuit Voltage
  • Maximum power voltage
  • Material Used
Ramsond Reviews
  • Ramsond

  • Color
    Silver grey plus black
  • Size/ Weight
    47 x 1.5 x 21.8 inches /16.5 pounds
  • Storage Capacity
    100 Watts
  • Open Circuit Voltage
  • Maximum power voltage
  • Material Used

Benefits of 12V Solar Panels

When a product is sold, the main keys to make it selling are its beneficial aspects. At glance, it is obvious that today’s life energy demands and consumption is much more than early days and nations are trying to avail natural sources of energy which are more reliable, sustainable, economical, and less polluting. The solar panels in the same way are very advantageous by having above mentioned features.

Sustainable source of energy

Once you buy these devices, you can personally observe their optimal features. The energy producing ability of these solar cells is long lasting and sustainable as other sources may be cut off in some countries or are not available in certain areas.

Renewable Energy

If you use electricity or oil or gas for energy, once these resources used can’t be got back but in contrast to it, natural solar energy provision will not be finished whether you used it for whole universe.

No Noise or Air Pollution

In case of short fall of electricity, mainly used devices to produce electricity are generators which are very noisy and diesel smelly. But solar cells are free from these two issues; these are environment friendly resources of energy.

No Carbon Residues

When oil or diesel is used to generate electricity or energy, production of carbon residues is inevitable. If you want to save the universe from pollutions, try to avoid using these methods of electricity formation and start focusing on solar resources.

Less Maintenance

The structural design of solar cells is very easy to handle and maintain as they don’t contain any special movable, time changeable or fixable parts. The life cycle of these devices is much more than generators with no maintenance at all.

Distributed Electricity Generation

This term refer to the situation that electricity is produced where it is subsequently used. Solar devices are the best distributed electricity generators as these can be used for all-terrain vehicle, recreational vehicles, and small marine boats and even in desert and snow falling conditions.

The best option in the costly and environment polluting means of electricity is to harvest the solar energy for your needs.

Benefits of Solar Energy

How to Choose Best 12V Solar Panel

Though these devices are very easy to use and maintain but the selection of an optimal device is relatively tough and it may need some professional assistance but if you are good at calculations you can do it. Most importantly, users consider the size of the panel first but it is not option to do as some models may have large size but very less area for sun rays absorption so main aspects to be considered while selecting a solar panel for your house, motor boat or marine boat are explained below

Total Daily Energy Consumption

Before buying a specific 12V model or brand, first step is to calculate your daily needs of electricity. If you are using electrical appliances that have load consumption mentioned on their body then this calculation process is not tough just do in this way; if you are using four lights of 10W 12V for 3 hours in a day, one television of 40W 12V for 2 hours a day and a washing machine of 20W 12V for 30minutes then 4 x 10W x 3 + 40W x 2 + 20W/2 = 210 Watts per hour can be done for daily energy consumption.

Size of Panel

After considering your daily energy usage, you can check the size of panel producing the same electricity or a little more so that you can confidently buy it. These panels producing the same voltage capacity are available in variety of sizes and shapes. If you will consider the size of solar cell first then it would be a blind choice as may be that model produce less electricity than your requirements.

Capacity of Batteries

Battery capacity is directly related to the current produced by a solar device and two things must be considered before buying a solar panel; size of battery and storage capacity of battery.

Usually, batteries of small size can’t be charged with large size solar cells like gel batteries but some may accept the current coming from larger panels but you need to be sure for that. For instance small gel batteries have 20% capacity limit on charging current meaning that a battery of 60 A/h can not accept the current 20% x 60A = 12A. So consider size of your battery if it is very small as larger batteries may not have this issue.

Basic and most important thing to be considered in the storage capacity of your battery; if the battery can store more energy you can run your devices for long period. There is no point that you bought an expensive solar device but you missed to consider the storage compartment for energy for readily use form that is your battery. If you want to use the solar energy for long time then battery storage power should be more.

All above mentioned selection keys must be considered while buying solar cells. You can try to do it on its own but if you fail to do it, take a guideline from any professional in electric appliances.

Where to buy 12V Solar Panel

As the technology is progressing, the awareness of product utilization among users is remarkably advancing. Similarly, people relying on other electricity resources are now shifting towards solar panels as they are convenient to use, economical, sustainable and natural sources of energy. With the awareness of customers about the solar panels, some large electrical appliances stores and retailers are now focusing on these solar cells but they have very less in number.

These less numbered retailers provide only a few brands and models for solar panels and they are unable fulfill the needs of whole community. But Amazon is only a one quick away from you. You just need to add your specifications about solar cells; the energy requirements and price range, a specific brand or model or any special size or structure that you want.

Amazon always considers your needs and demands with the provision of high quality and durable solar cells having a wide price range. Even you can get 12V solar panels in very reasonable price range starting from 30$ but you should consider your energy demands before buying. Slim and sleek styles having maximum durability, reliability and efficiency are also readily available at very affordable price. Just open your own Amazon, as they want to provide full customer satisfaction.


Though solar energy is seen as very costly due to price of solar cells, but when you are owner of a large energy producing panel, you don’t need to look for the electricity suppliers and don’t need to pay monthly bills. Electricity generators are seen as an alternative source of electricity but they are also costly having a lot of pollution increasing factors.

You should consider selection criteria of these panels before buying so that they can efficiently fulfill your energy demands. Battery that you are desirous to attach with these solar devices should be compatible with current produced by these devices and should have maximum storage capacity.

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